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Thank you for visiting my bakery! Cailin’s Little Bakery is a cottage law bakery in Chicago, Illinois. This means that I follow state laws and regulations from my home. 


French macarons (mak-a-rohn or /mɑkərɒn/ for the SLP’s) are a meringue-based sandwich cookie that can be filled with all types of flavored buttercreams, jams, and ganaches. These little cookies require a lot of time, patience, and practice in order to perfect them. Macarons make wonderful gifts, are the perfect afternoon treat and my absolute favorite is with a morning cup of coffee. Yum! 


Macarons are gluten-free unless specified otherwise. They contain almond flour, eggs and may have dairy.  

Cailin's Little Bakery will be at the Arlington Height's Farmers Market!! 

We will be there every Saturday from May 11th - October 12th

Current farmers market flavors:

-Vanilla Bean




-Lemon Cake

-Mint Chocolate

-Cookie Dough

-Biscoff Cookie

Macaron Flavors

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